Build Process

We do everything in-house here at PROTO. Each pickup is built from scratch when your order comes through. Most build times are 10-14 days, occasionally longer for very custom work, occasionally shorter if we have things in stock. Feel free to email us directly before purchasing if you’re in a rush or need something by a certain date. 

We start each project by designing and laser-cutting our own bobbins and flatwork from raw material to fit (almost) any build type in to (almost) any cover. This means that we can make a p90 in a humbucker size, or a humbucker in a p90 size, or a giant single coil Stratocaster-style pickup in a humbucker cover… you get the point! It also means that we can customize string spacing and offer sizes that are not readily available as stock options from almost any other company.

After the bobbins are cut, we load the magnets by hand (for pickups that require magnet poles) – your choice of A2 , A5 and A8 or blades depending on the model. We stock standard magnet sizes for Strats, Teles, Humbuckers, Mini Humbuckers and more. If you need something specific, let us know

Then we wind! Almost all of our pickups are wound on our vintage Gorman Bobbineer Pickup Winding machine. The Bobbineer allows us to finely tune our winding patterns and speeds and is one of the finest machines on the planet. This is no ‘home-winding kit’ nonsense. These vintage machines have a pattern and mechanism that is truly unique and helps us create pickups that are made to last a lifetime.

We have a second modern winder for certain builds and bulk order needs, but the Bobbineer is the star of the show and one of the only fully operational machines that we know to currently be in service in the guitar industry. We stock and wind with several wire options, different gauges and finishes for anything from the most current modern styles to extremely accurate vintage rewinds. Email us if you have specific wire metallurgy requirements.

After the coils are wound to your desired output, we assemble them in the cover of your choice. We stock traditional Silver/Nickel PAF-style covers, “Radiator” covers, lipstick covers, various p90 covers, our custom hand-made tortoise p90 shells, hybrid p90/hb/WideRange covers, one-off relic covers, BBQ covers, foil inserts, glitter inserts… the sky is the limit on cosmetic options, and we love a challenge. We affix either vintage-style cloth pushback wire or modern braided wire depending on build.

Once fully built, we vacuum seal our pickups in a mixture of bee’s wax and paraffin unlike any other pickup company uses. Most guys melt down some wax and dip the pickups in. Boring! Our process requires an apparatus with a special lid that allows a high-powered vacuum to suck all the air out, essentially sucking the waxy mixture up INSIDE of the pickup, solidly securing and sealing the coils. This GREATLY reduces microphonics and movement inside the coil and has zero effect on the top end - regardless of what some nerd on a forum might tell you! It’s a pain in the butt and a messy procedure, but one that we feel makes out pickups road-ready and future-proof.

We spend a lot of time and effort experimenting and matching up proper value pots and caps (where applicable) to each individual pickup and player’s needs and would be happy to discuss and recommend options to our customers. Treble bleeds, phase switches and coil splits are all available as upgrades on our custom pickups.