Stingray Hybrid Bass Pickup

Stingray Hybrid Bass Pickup

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Finally a direct drop-in replacement pickup for your Musicman bass!
Make a HUGE improvement on the tone and versatility of your MM bass with this simple upgrade.

Our design has one row of traditional MusicMan magnets and one row of Jazz Bass style magnets, both constructed with AlNiCo 5 magnets for warmth, punch and clarity. Each coil can be wired with a dedicated volume pot, a series/parallel switch, and a master passive tone. The Series / Parallel option greatly expands the the sonic possibilities of this classic bass pickup. 

Our Stingray Hybrid pickup greatly improves string-to-string volume balance and provides a much flatter overall EQ curve than traditional MM pickups. Your bass will instantly sound noticeably fuller and richer with tight and focused low end and crisp but pleasant highs.

Our Standard Model is 4 string, MM string spacing, JBass on bridge side and MM on neck side. Custom Models can include any of the following options:
4 or 5 string versions
Different string spacing
Swap order of magnet array (J/M, M/J)

Please select STANDARD or CUSTOM and then fill out the form upon ordering.

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