ProSter Rick Pickup

ProSter Rick Pickup


Ever wanted to replace your anemic or way over-wound and harsh sounding Hi-Gain pickup to get closer to the classic Beatles, Byrds or Jam tones we all love?

There aren't very many options out there, and the few companies that do make Rick replacements are often very expensive or very far off from the originals.

We use a variety of AlNiCo magnets instead of the newer harsh ceramics that you'll find from other builders or 'authentic OEM' pickups, and offer an assortment of inserts and cosmetic options. Ditch those hi-gain bricks and put some warmth, balance and tone back in your guitar or bass.

Our standard ProSters are built with silver/nickel covers and gloss black inserts. Custom cover colors, insert materials, magnet types and outputs are all available. See our photos here or on Instagram for an idea of what is possible.



AlNiCo2:  It's like getting in to a time machine. Clear and warm fundamentals with pleasant top end. You can use the top-boost on your amps without killing your dog. The neck is clear - the bridge is full - and triple sets are even better!

AlNiCo5: A whole new world. You're in some sort of single-coil Rick/Gibson purgatory that you might never want to leave. Punchy mid-range, even when wound in the 7s.

AlNiCo8: SUPER hi-fi, especially in a hollow-body. Extended lows, crystal clear highs, the most ideal clean pickup for use with as many delays and verbs as you can throw on a board.

TicTac: Be the only kid on your block with a TicTac in your guitar! Our custom oval magnets lend a more of a Fender-y tone with a stronger output than our other models. Extremely sensitive to playing dynamics and picking technique.

Mini-Humbucker: Yup. In the same shape/size, no problem.


Q: Will these fit in my _____ Rickenbacker?
A: Our ProSters are the exact same size/dimension as standard modern Rick pickups. So unless you have some weird guitar or have made modifications, yes, they will fit.

Q: Is there any difference between 6 and 12 string models?
A: No. The same pickup works with both 6 and 12 string guitars.

Q: Do they come with rubber mounting grommets and/or foam mounting rings?
A: No. Our pickups use a black plexi mounting ring which is integral to the construction of the pickup. This means you can NOT have it without the ring. We also can not provide steel rings like the earliest Rick models used although you might be able to find them online.

Q: Is the wiring the same as vintage models?
A: Yes. Exactly the same. 2 leads per pickup. This includes on our humbucker models.

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