Proto Fuzz

Proto Fuzz


The Proto fuzz is the result of more than 3 years work to perfect the dream of a pedal that is both classic and unique in sea of boutique fuzz offerings. We partnered up with legendary fuzz guru Joe Gagan to make sure that this pedal was as authentic, pure and powerful as possible. 

All internal and external parts were painstakingly selected for optimal performance and durability. Every transistor is hand-selected for perfect output and leakage, and hand-tuned before it leaves our hands. 


The Proto fuzz is a two-channel hybrid fuzz. The clipping comes from a one silicon and one germanium transistor arranged and tuned specifically to ‘clean up’, or ‘roll back’ perfectly. Those of you who ride the volume knob on your guitar to finesse your fuzz tone (a la Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Mick Ronson, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, David Gilmour) know that there are a few compromises needed in order to fully control your fuzz.

1 – it has to be the first thing to see your guitar. You might be able to squeeze a wah in before your fuzz if it’s an un-buffered wah.

2 – forget it if you use a buffered bypass system or wireless from your guitar.

3 – don’t forget to turn your guitar back up when using a pedal other than your fuzz!

We’ve solved these problems by making a pedal that essentially tricks itself into thinking that you ARE plugged directly in to it, even if it’s part of a large system or 3rd or 10th or 20th in line.

The controls are a Master Volume (duh!), two ‘pregain’ controls and two ‘bass roll-off’ controls. The left stomp turns the pedal on/off. The right stomp bounces between pregain 1 and pregain 2. The left LED shows on/off status. The LEDs under pregain 1 and pregain 2 never turn off – one of them is always on so you know which side of the pedal you’re on, even when bypassed. No surprises when stomping on/off.

The Pregain 1 and Pregain 2 sides are essentially identical. Either can go from crispy clean to super fat fuzz, and you can dial in or out as much low end as needed on each. The pregain controls simulate rolling down your guitar volume pot. Let’s be clear – these are not FUZZ knobs. The fuzz is essentially always at 10 (and come on, that’s where most fuzz pedals sound best!). As you turn the pregain knob down, you’ll recognize the famous Hendrix fuzz/clean sound. There’s no other way of getting that! Getting a bit thin for you? Crank up the bass knob! Now dime the pregain… HUGE fuzz! Too huge? Dial the low end back. Get it? Bounce directly from one sound to the other without taking your hands off of the strings. Jump straight to your favorite rolled-back sound without looking down at your volume knob. Put your bass or Rhodes through it and get dirt without losing any bottom end. Run the fuzz as outboard gear and add some major crunch to your drum overheads without and low end in the signal at all. This is not your average Fuzz Face!

The circuit board is laid out and designed to reduce as much wire and signal loss as possible. The in/out jacks, 9vDC jack and stomp switches are all top quality and are NOT board mounted. This makes a HUGE difference in the reliability of the pedal as well as ease of repair should you ever need to fix anything. USA Switchcraft open-frame jacks, full size pots, full size stomps – only 8 tiny wires in the whole pedal. The jacks are top-mounted for tight boards, and the DC is placed between them. The enclosures are traditional 1590BB size.

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