'Tortoise' Pickup - P90 or TicTac

'Tortoise' Pickup - P90 or TicTac

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They’re finally here!

We couldn’t figure out why after almost 70 years, P90s still only come in black, white and cream. Crazy, right? We had to do something about it! It took almost 3 years to finish this new batch of our handmade ‘tortoise’ covers. Each cover is handmade and entirely unique and can be loaded with your choice of pickup ‘guts’ (see below).

Due to the organic nature of the materials, some of the covers might have slight imperfections (bubbles, drips, etc.) and coloration may vary once loaded ... but each are custom built with our handmade pickups and will easily mount in any standard P90 route. Scroll down and check out each unique cover.

Pickup Guts Options:

  • AlNiCo 5 P90 Bridge Pickup
    (our standard rock ‘n roll vintage wind)

  • AlNiCo 8 P90 Neck Pickup
    (our modern take with extended highs and lows and very low noise)

  • TicTac Single Coil (Neck or Bridge) Pickup
    (our proprietary custom oval magnets built up like a super fat Strat. The ultimate in clean single coil tone)

Order sets (while you can!) or individual pickups by number below. If the cover number is listed, it’s still available. If it’s not on the list .. it’s gone! After you choose your cover and add to cart, a pop-up will ask you what guts you want.

Current build time is around 14 days on TicTacs and 21 days on P90s. All pickups are boxed and shipped via USPS 2 Day Priority with tracking and insurance in the US.

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